Smith Oilfield Services, Inc. is currently accepting applications for the following positions:


  • Equipment Operator (CDL)
  • Haul Truck / Hot Shot Driver (CDL)
  • Winch / Gin Truck Driver (CDL)
  • Swamper
  • Other


  • Winch / Gin Truck Driver (CDL)
  • Haul Truck/ Hot Shot Driver (CDL)
  • Equipment Operator (CDL)
  • Roustabout Pusher (CDL)
  • Roustabout Pusher (non-CDL)
  • Roustabout Hand/Swamper
  • Other

Career Opportunities
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Midland, TX 79706

Phone: (432) 218-8670
Fax: (432) 218-7813
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Bridgeport, TX 76426

Phone: (940) 683-5922
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Smith Oilfield Services offers competitve pay and benefits to all of our employees.
Our benefits package includes:

Group Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance (available)
Vision Insurance (available)
Liberty National Insurance
Paid Vacation
Flame Resistant (FRC) Uniforms
Employee Benefits
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